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Is there a previous history of similar discriminations or other complaints?

Do you know of anyone else at your workplace that has complained about similar events, maybe even regarding the same people? This can be excellent evidence of failures by your employer that will further strengthen your case. The employer has a responsibility through laws to do whatever is reasonable to keep you safe at work. […]

Has my employer followed a proper Health and Safety protocol?

If you want to find out if your employer has followed best practice Health & Safety procedures, there are some questions that you should ask yourself to identify possible gaps. These gaps will assist you if you intend to file a formal grievance for anything Health and Safety related. Breaches of these should be covered […]

How do I establish medical evidence for my grievance?

It is recommended that you see your GP repeatedly through a grievance process to create medical evidence of the impact it has had/is having on you. Personally, I would recommend you see your GP at least two weeks before you submit your grievance, every two/three weeks whilst it is being investigated/dealt with by your employer […]
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