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Unfair vs constructive dismissal

As you can see from the table above, most types of dismissal claims need two years worth of service before you can claim. Based on this, even if you have two years worth of service, we almost always recommend you do not resign before having exhausted the internal grievance procedure. This will work to your […]

How long do I have to lodge a tribunal claim?

Typically you can lodge a claim to a tribunal up until 3 months after the issue took place, not from the date you submit your grievance. If things have been ongoing for a while you will have to say that the last event was part of an ongoing campaign against you and that the latest […]

How do I ensure I do not affirm my contract of employment?

When submitting a grievance letter to your employer after a significant event we would recommend making it clear to your employer that your decision to stay on should not be considered as you affirming the contract. Affirming the contract basically means that you are accepting the events and are still happy to work for the […]

Breach of Contract

There are a number of different ways an employer can breach your contract of employment. Throughout this page, we will try to highlight some of these and give you a deeper understanding of your rights as an employee and clarify how to claim for some of these issues in practice. Mutual Trust and Confidence One […]
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