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HM Prison Service v Salmon (IRLR 425 EAT)

A tribunal can award you damages for both physical/psychiatric injury and injury to feelings if you can prove the injury to feeling.

Madarassy v Nomura International plc (2007 EWCA Civ 33; 2007 IRLR 246)

Facts must be such that a reasonable tribunal, having heard all the evidence from both sides, could conclude that the respondent committed (not merely "could have committed") the discriminatory act.

Day v Pickles Farms Ltd (1999 IRLR 217)

An employer should not wait for written notification of an employee's pregnancy before carrying out a risk assessment.

Insitu Cleaning Co Ltd v Heads (1995 IRLR 4)

One incident might be enough to amount to sexual harassment and the employer might be held accountable for an employee's actions in this case.

Fletcher and Steele v Cannon Hygiene Ltd

A failure by an employer to separate two women from their female harasser amounted to harassment. The employer failed to take sufficient steps to ‘protect’ them from further sex harassment.

Beadles Group Ltd v Angelica Graham

No written policy on sex discrimination or harassment combined with a failure to take reasonable steps to prevent it may leave the employer liable for a discrimination claim.
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