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HM Prison Service v Salmon (IRLR 425 EAT)

A tribunal can award you damages for both physical/psychiatric injury and injury to feelings if you can prove the injury to feeling.

Spink v Express Foods Limited (EAT 1990)

An employee should know the case against them. You should hear or be told the important parts of the evidence; you should have the opportunity to criticise or dispute it and the opportunity to present your own evidence and argue your case.

W A Goold (Pearmak) Ltd v McConnell (EAT 28 Apr 1995)

It is an implied term in the contract of employment that the employers will reasonably and promptly give employees an opportunity to present their grievance, and act on it, in a reasonable way.

Bracebridge Engineering Limited v Darby (EAT 1990)

The Court confirmed grievances need to be taken seriously. Not considering grievances, or following a proper process, might be a valid reason for claiming constructive dismissal.

Wigan Borough Council v Davies (1979 ICR 411)

An implied term in an employment contract is that the employer will provide reasonable support to ensure that an employee can carry out his/her job without harassment or disruption by fellow workers.
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