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Parkins v SODEXHO Ltd (2002 IRLR 109)

A legal obligation that arises under an individual’s contract of employment is no different from any other form of legal obligation and a protected disclosure might be possible.

Arthur v London Eastern Railway Ltd (T/A One Stansted Express) (CA 25 Oct 2006)

An asserted series of similar acts, the acts which are individually out of time should not be struck out at a preliminary hearing on submissions based on this fact alone.

Collins v First Quench Retailing Ltd (31 January 2003, Court of Session, 2003 GWD126)

An employer might be held responsible for not properly assessing risks and putting reasonable measures in place to protect employees.

Keys v Shoe Fayre Ltd [1978] IRLR 476

Employers are expected to deal with perceived risk as well as any real risk as part of their Contract Law duty to provide "trust and support" to employees.

R v Merseycare NHS Trust, Ormskirk MC, 5 September 2002

Violence at work is often foreseeable. It therefore can be assessed and prevented. Employers need to have proper procedures in place, that are followed, and not just play lip service. 

Cook v Bradford NHS Trust (CoA 23 October 2002)

An employer has a duty of care not to place employees in a position of foreseeable risk.

Harvest Press Ltd v McCaffrey (EAT 1999 IRLR 778)

100 (1)(e) of the ERA gives protection where an employee takes steps to protect himself or other persons from serious and imminent danger. This protection includes protecting the public from danger.
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