About Us

The Grievance Expert was set up in 2021 due to a rise in employees struggling as a result of the rapid changes COVID-19 was bringing to workplaces across the UK. We aim to be an efficient and affordable option for employees to research their rights and fast option when faced with problems at work whilst potential waiting for union support. Our intention is never to be a replacement for legal advice, and we are quite clear that that is not what we are providing, but as hiring a solicitor might be out of reach we hope some of the content here will be helpful.

A core offering will be our personalised grievance and whistleblowing review service where we offer to review to what you intend to submit to your employer and provide advice on things you might not have thought about before you act. This will hopefully put you in the best possible situation in terms of protecting your job and your income.
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The Site cannot and does not contain legal advice. The legal information provided is for general informational and educational use only and is not an alternative to consulting a solicitor.
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